Yapha's Easy Organizational Plan
Time? Who has time? Between work, kids, family, pets, and other obligations, time for scrapbooking is a scarce commodity indeed. But it is important to carve that time for both ourselves and for the preservation of memories fr those we love. Since my time is so valuable, I have broken my scrapbooking process down into a series of steps that allow me to maximize my scrapbooking through more efficient time management. Plus, I always have something ready to work on!

sort photos into packsStep 1: Sort Photos
I admit it, I am a chronological scrapbooker. I am obsessive about the date order, and do not permit myself to scrapbook out of order. But you do not have to be to let this step work for you. As soon as I get my photos back (or when you print them out) I bunch them into layout groups, and fill out a little piece of paper with the event title and the date on them. I created the Croppers Photo Pads for this exact reason. They have a space to write down even more, including number of pictures, number of pages, journaling, and all sorts of layout ideas. I fold the sheets in half to hold the photos. I then stick them back in the photo envelopes until I have time for my next step. If you prefer something that will completely hold your pictures as well as other embellishments (see the next step), try my Cropper's Photo Envelopes.

choose your suppliesStep 2: Choosing my supplies
When I know that I have more time available to really spread things out, I choose the supplies that I need to go with each layout. I pull my background paper, my matting paper, and anything else that I want to use for embellishments -- stickers, die cuts, fibers, etc. The only thing I don't pull are eyelets and brads. Those are too little and I worry that they may get lost. I pile my completed sets and pack several of them into large 13x13 clear plastic envelopes. You could also put them into page protectors to hold them. This is a great time to sketch your layouts as well, if you choose to do that.

Step 3: Journaling
My next free chunk of time is for journaling and creating my titles, both of which I usually do on the computer. If I am going to use my QuicKutz or stamps for the title, I save that for step four most of the time. I sit down in frnt of the computer with my pack of layouts that I organized in Step 2, and just jam through all of the journaling and titles at once. It is easier for me to get things done when I stay in the same mode.

Step 4: Scrapbook!
Now I'm ready to put my layouts together! Plus, everything is put together and portable so if I want to grab my stuff and go to a crop, I'm ready!

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